Volunteer of the Year 2019

Shari Comire

Shari as been instrumental to this organization. She was one of the original board members, but had to step down due to health issues, she has continued to volunteer every chance possible. We appreicate her dedication to helping with our mission. Shari received a certificate for Volunteer of the Year for 2019, along with a beautiful hand-made quilt made by Hannah Badurina.  

V2VG Board Members and Volunteers


Bake Sales

Eric McNail (President of V2VG) and Charles Bradley ( Vice President of V2VG) running the donations only bake sale.


Helping a First Responder

Jennifer Mcnail (V2VG Treasurer) gathering  pellets for a first responder who needed heating assistance. All pellets were donated to V2VG by Tracker Supply.


Dedicated Volunteer

Shari Comire is a (V2VG Volunteer) who donates her time in helping V2VG in many ways. She's collected many donations of clothing and food to put towards our food drives. As well contributing to our bake sales and helping gather other supplies that may be needed by veterans, first responders or their family members.

Clothing Drives and Christmas Donations

Liberty House


Eric and Patrick getting ready to unload all the donated items V2VG  collected and delivered to The Liberty House in Manchester NH, a facility for homeless veterans. 

Christmas Toy Drive


 Jen and Chuck sorting through the toys we collected through donations. We were able to help 7 families with each family having multiple children. Each child received a few different gifts.