Crisis Management

If you, or someone you know is needs immediate help, please make sure to utilize all available resources. 

The Veterans Crisis Line is available 24/7 and can be reached at the following.

1-800-273-8255 press option 1

You can also text them at 838255

Additionally the National Suicide Prevention hotline is available 24/7 and can be reached at


Please don't hesitate to reach out for help if someone you know is in need of help.

National Resources for Veterans and Families

There's much to see, Please follow the link.

 So, take your time, look around.

From Advocacy Information, to Veteran Health and Benefits, to Financial Assistance, to  PTSD and Suicide Prevention Information and More!

Local Resources


Veterans or Families In Crisis

Immediate Crisis or Homelessness, Please dial 1-877-424-3838

For ALL EMERGENCIES please dial 911

Assistance, (Legal)

New Hampshire Legal Assistance

Claremont Office- 800-562-3994

Berlin Office- 800-698-8969

Portsmouth- 800-334-3135

Legal Boots on the Ground

Rochester- 603-716-8488

Domestic Violence Programs

Response to Domestic and/or Sexual Violence

Berlin- 603-752-5679

(Hotline)- 866-662-4220

Tri-County Action Program Support Center at Burch House

Littleton- 800-774-0544

(Hotline)- 603-747-2441

Woodsville- 603-444-0624

Voices Against Violence

Plymouth- 536-1659, 536-5999

(Hotline)- 877-221-6176

Food Pantries (NH Food Bank- 603-669-9725)


Harvest Christian Church- 603-752-5374

Salvation Army- 603-752-1644

St. Vincent De Paul- 603-752-4844


Helping Hands North- 603-237-5891

Tri County CAP- 603-237-8168


St. Frances Xavier- 603-636-2486


Christ United Methodist Church- 603-7882734


St. Matthew Roman Catholic Church-603-837-2558


Bethlehem Town Office- 603-869-3351

Helping Hands Food Pantry- 603-444-1230


Campton Area Resource- 603-236-6232

Campton Town Office- 603-726-3223


All Saints Episcopal Church- 603-444-3414

White Mountain Christian Church Food Pantry- 603-444-6517

North Woodstock:

Woodstock Town Office- 603-745-8752


Assembly of God- 603-536-1966

Plymouth Area Closet- 603-536-1101

Plymouth Town Office- 603-536-2242


Good Shepard Ecumenical Food Pantry, Robert Clifford Building- 603-747-3442


Memorial Hospital- 603-447-8900

Vaughan Community Service- 603-356-2324


First Christian Church- 603-539-5453


Agape Ministries- 603-539-4456


Wakefield Food Pantry- 603-522-3094


Life Ministries- 603-569-0202

Local Resources, Cont.

Important Point of Contact(s)

VA Homeless Outreach Worker,  

 Rob Norris


VA Homeless Peer Support Specialist,

 Kelvin Stuart


Care Coordination Program NH,

 Cyndee Baker


New Hampshire Employment Services,

 Krystal Letourneau


New Hampshire State Benefits

The link below will take you to the State of New Hampshire's Veteran Benefits page which will provide you with all of the NH-Specific information you may need to know. 

(From Deployment Bonuses and Burial Benefits, to Education Assistance and  Emergency Financial Assistance and Property Tax Credit and more!.)